Friday, March 18, 2011

The Lion,the Witch, and the Wardrobe chapter two, narraration

Chapter two is about how the faun asked if she wanted to go to his house and warm up with a cup of tea and some cake. Lucy hesitated to accept the kind offer but she finally gave in. so they walked arm in arm through the snow to the faun's house. Very soon they came upon a snug cave. They went into the cave and sat down at a little table and had a great time. But soon the faun started to cry. He was crying so hard that he would not stop. "Oh Mr. Tumnus! Don't cry." Lucy told her new friend. Mr. Tumnus stopped crying long enough to tell her that the White Witch had told him that she would turn him into stone if he did not bring her the first human he saw. He also told her that he had been trying to lull her to sleep so he could hand her over to the Witch. He told her that he would take her back to her home. Will the Witch hurt poor Mr. Tumnus? Find out for yourself!
~Hope Kate

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