Other books that compile literature suggestions:

These books are both excellent books like, Read for the Heart, that help you take the THOUSANDS of books available for kids and find books that 1) they'll enjoy, and 2) that are appropriate for their age and stage.  Hopefully at least one of the three is available from your library.  If not- they're all on Amazon! 

I'm quite sure you all take advantage of the online features of your local public library already.  If not... what are you waiting for?!?!  :-)    The convenience of  "shopping online" and just popping in to pick them up is fantastic.  Something we want to use more is the option of digital books (text and audio).  If you've done that much, perhaps you could comment and give me your tips!  Another fantastic tool we've found is Library Elf.  This service will email or text you when your materials are coming due, are due now, or PAST due.  (I've tried to no avail to get my library to convert to a Netlix type arrangement where I can pay one low rate and accrue no late fees... til they take that offer- try Library Elf.)  I at least have a fighting chance with Library Elf, without it--- I just pay for the library to get lots and lots of new books.  Logic says I could've just bought the books for OUR library! :-)  So, if you need a reminder from time to time- check out their free service.  And... happy reading to your family!