Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tanya's Reunion Book Review

Tanya's Reunion is a story about a girl named Tanya whose Grandma teaches her things about life.  The story starts in Tanya's family's kitchen.  While they were eating, Grandma said something uncalled for.  " I would like to go to the farm early before the Family Reunion."  Tanya's Mom was not so sure that this was a good idea because just a little while ago Grandma was very ill.  Grandma sees her fear so she says, "If it makes you feel any better I'll take Tanya ahead with me to make sure that I'm okay.  Tanya looked excited and hopeful.  To her surprise, her parents let her go with Grandma.  On the trip to the farm, Tanya has lots of fun on the buses but she wanted to know what the farm looked like.  When they finally got to the farm Tanya looked at it closely.  She was very disappointed.  It wasn't anything like she imagined.  That night when Tanya laid her head on her pillow she wanted to go home.  Will Tanya's visit to the farm get any better?  Find out in the book Tanya's Reunion.
~Hope Katherine   

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