Friday, February 11, 2011

Paddington Helps Out Chapter three - by Anya

Padington Helps Out is a very funny book. My mom told me about when she was a kid. She said, "I remember laughing so hard when my mom read it to me." I hope you have a good time reading. 8)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paddington at Work Book Review

Paddington is a bear who is constantly getting into mischief. Paddington doesn't try to get into mischief, but when he tries to do something right, mischief just sort of follows him wherever he goes. He lives with the Browns who found him in Paddington Station. Now they live in a house with a big, green front-door. This book is a funny chapter book because of the adventures he has. Every chapter is a different story. I recommend this book for all ages.
Hope Katherine :)

Paddington Helps Out Chapter One - by Anya

Paddington is a funny, mischievous bear who loves surprises. In Paddington Helps Out, he wakes up early one morning to hear a lot of noise coming from the garden. He jumps out of bed to make sure he isn't missing anything. He was surprised to see the Browns all gathered around a picnic basket and Mrs. Bird carrying out a large plate, piled high with sandwiches! Paddington decided he would go out because he didn't want to miss any fun. They were surprised to see him up so early because he usually slept later. They told him they were going to have a picnic on the river.

When they got to the river, Mr. Brown announced that Paddington would steer the boat. They set sail and they hit a wave. One moment Paddington was standing in the boat and the next moment he was not. Where is Paddington? Is he in the river? Will he drown?!?!?! To figure out what happens- read the exciting book of Paddington Helps Out!

Mom's note: These original Paddington chapter books are really funny to read aloud to early elementary aged kids. I remember laughing to tears as my mother read these aloud to me. Don't miss an opportunity for sharing lots of joy with your kids! :D Also, though in Reading for the Heart this is listed as a Picture Book, the originals have only a few black and white illustrations. I would classify it as Children's Fiction I think. Still- largely for late preschool/early elementary ages. ~Katherine

Friday, February 4, 2011

Jo's Boys Book Review

Jo's Boys is a book in the Little Women series about four sisters and their families. In this book, Jo's boys have grown up and scattered across the world. They still come home sometimes to tell her all their troubles and ask if she can help them out of scrapes. This is a good book for ages 9+. Parents, you may want to preview this book before you let your children read it because it has things that you may not want to introduce to your child to yet. I highly recommend this book and I've always liked the Little Women series and I hope you like them too.
~Hope Katherine:)

Book Review of Black Beauty by Anya

Black Beauty is a well-tempered, handsome horse that loves kids. I liked this book because it is about horses and everyone knows that I love horses. Black Beauty is sold four or fives times. After working hard all his life, where will this old, weak horse end up? Read Black Beauty to find out.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

William Tell, illustrated and retold by Margaret Early

This is a good, classic story about a mean man who took over William Tell's homeland and ruled the people harshly. One day, the mean man told the people to bow down to his hat that he put on a pole. Tell did not hear of this law because he lived on a mountain. So when he went into the village where the hat was to visit his father with his son, he didn't bow. One of the guards saw that he hadn't bowed and told the ruler. The mean ruler was very angry and knew that Tell was a good shot with his bow and arrows. He told Tell that his punishment for not bowing was that he, the mean ruler, would put an apple on his son's head. Tell would have to shoot an arrow through the apple. Would William Tell be able to shoot it without accidentally killing his son?!?!

Misty of Chincoteague, a Book Review by Anya

I would recommend Misty of Chincoteague for horse-lovers because I am one, and I loved it. My favorite part was when the mustangs swam the channel on Pony Penning Day. On Pony Penning Day the horses are rounded up off an island, forced across the channel, and sold at an auction. In the book our main characters earned enough money to buy a pony of their choice. The day before the auction, the main characters, Paul and Maureen, find out that they have to earn twice as much money as they already had- in one day. Would they have enough money? And what did they need the extra money for? To find out what happens you'll have to read the exciting book, Misty of Chincoteague!