Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paddington Helps Out Chapter One - by Anya

Paddington is a funny, mischievous bear who loves surprises. In Paddington Helps Out, he wakes up early one morning to hear a lot of noise coming from the garden. He jumps out of bed to make sure he isn't missing anything. He was surprised to see the Browns all gathered around a picnic basket and Mrs. Bird carrying out a large plate, piled high with sandwiches! Paddington decided he would go out because he didn't want to miss any fun. They were surprised to see him up so early because he usually slept later. They told him they were going to have a picnic on the river.

When they got to the river, Mr. Brown announced that Paddington would steer the boat. They set sail and they hit a wave. One moment Paddington was standing in the boat and the next moment he was not. Where is Paddington? Is he in the river? Will he drown?!?!?! To figure out what happens- read the exciting book of Paddington Helps Out!

Mom's note: These original Paddington chapter books are really funny to read aloud to early elementary aged kids. I remember laughing to tears as my mother read these aloud to me. Don't miss an opportunity for sharing lots of joy with your kids! :D Also, though in Reading for the Heart this is listed as a Picture Book, the originals have only a few black and white illustrations. I would classify it as Children's Fiction I think. Still- largely for late preschool/early elementary ages. ~Katherine

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  1. Anya, I am so happy that you enjoy reading and writing! And one of these days, you will be illustrating stories with your beautiful drawings also! Love you, Oma