Thursday, February 3, 2011

William Tell, illustrated and retold by Margaret Early

This is a good, classic story about a mean man who took over William Tell's homeland and ruled the people harshly. One day, the mean man told the people to bow down to his hat that he put on a pole. Tell did not hear of this law because he lived on a mountain. So when he went into the village where the hat was to visit his father with his son, he didn't bow. One of the guards saw that he hadn't bowed and told the ruler. The mean ruler was very angry and knew that Tell was a good shot with his bow and arrows. He told Tell that his punishment for not bowing was that he, the mean ruler, would put an apple on his son's head. Tell would have to shoot an arrow through the apple. Would William Tell be able to shoot it without accidentally killing his son?!?!

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