Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chapter Nine of Little Women, Narraration by Hope

In Chapter Nine of Little Women Jo is still mad at Amy for burning her book. One day, Jo and Laurie were going to skate on the pond together to have fun and make Jo forget about her book. Amy wanted to get right with Jo so she asked Meg what she should do to win Jo's respect again. Meg told her to get her skates and run after them and skate with them. She told Amy that when she got on the ice to do something kind for Jo and Amy would win her respect again. So Amy ran after her them with her skates and yelled for them to wait for her. But Jo ignored her. Amy was so far behind that she didn't hear Laurie warn Jo that the ice in the middle of the pond was not thick enough to skate on and was very dangerous. So when Amy started skating, the ice broke and Amy fell in. Will Amy live? And will Jo be able to live with her conscience?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chapter Eight of Little Women, Hope's Book Review

Little Women
In chapter eight of Little Women Jo and Meg are putting on their gloves to go somewhere that Amy doesn't know about. Amy asked where they were going and Jo told her to mind her own business and she can't go because she has a cold. Amy guessed that they were going somewhere with Laurie and that she wanted to go too. When Jo tells her that she can't go Amy says, "You'll be sorry for this Jo March!" When Jo comes back Amy looks as tame as a dove so Jo doesn't worry. But when everyone else is going to bed and Jo was going to write more of her story, she couldn't find her manuscript. Instantly, she thought about what Amy had said that afternoon. She ran into Amy's room and jumped on the bed where Amy was. "Where is my manuscript?!!" she asked Amy. Jo looked into the fire and saw papers in the fire. She screamed and yelled at Amy. Would Jo ever forgive Amy?

Billy and Blaze, Book Summary by Anya

Billy and Blaze by C.W. Anderson
At the beginning of the book there is a boy named Billy. And Billy loves horses. Whenever he gets a chance to ride a horse he takes it. On his birthday his dad says, "Billy go look on the lawn and you will find your birthday present." So he went out side and looked on the lawn. Then he saw a beautiful bay horse (a bay is a black and brown mix). He could not wait to ride him! That night after dinner was over he went to the barn, said good night to his horse, and went to bed. A few days later he found a name for his horse. The name was Blaze. When he was riding he heard a dog in pain. So he followed the sound. And he found it in a trap that was used for a wild animal. He named it Rex. When he was riding he saw a sign that was taped to a tree that said......????? I guess if you want to find out what happens, you will have to read it your self . : ]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Song and Dance Man, Book Review by Hope

The Song and Dance Man is about a grandfather who used to be a song and dance man on stage. One day his grandchildren come over and want him to perform for them in the attic where his tap shoes, vest, cane, and hat are stored away in a trunk. This picture book is appropriate for kids and pretty short. I recommend this book for small children around the age of four because a younger child might not understand it (and it might be boring for an older child).

I read this book to my brothers, aged 6 and 3. They liked the pictures. My three-year-old brother thought grandfather's red nose looked like Rudolph, and he laughed so hard!

Anya's Review of Araminta's Paint Box by Karen Ackerman

Araminta's Paint Box by Karen Ackerman

Arminta's Paint Box is a story about a paint box given to a girl named Araminta by her Uncle as her family is moving west. The paint box gets lost several times. Will Araminta ever get her paint box back?

I would recommend this book for all ages. I particularly liked the horse wagons in the story.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chapter 2 Wind in the Willows

In chapter two the reader learns about a toad named Toad that never stays with one hobby. In the past he loved boating. Now he wants to try caravaning. After convincing Mole and Rat to come with him, he sees a motor car, and he wants one! I wonder what his next interest will be? : -1

Chap. 2 of The Wind in the Willows

One fine day, Mole was sitting by the river, wondering about what kind of a person Toad was. At the same time, Water Rat was humming a song about ducks that he had just made up, and he was very absorbed in doing so. So when Mole asked him a question, he didn't answer until Mole had called his name more than once. When Mole finally got through to Rat, he asked if he would take him to see Toad. So they went to Toad's house. When they got to Toad's house, they saw a sign that read: "Private. No landing allowed." When they got to the sign Rat said, "Here is where we will park our boat." When they got out of the boat, they looked for Toad. They found him in a chair thinking about something. They had arrived just in time to see his new thing which happened to be a canary-colored caravan. You see, whenever visitors came to Toad's house he would always like something different than before. This time it was a caravan. It just so happened that Toad wanted them to go along on a trip he was taking. So with much persuading, Rat and Mole went along in his caravan.