Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tanya's Reunion Book Review

Tanya's Reunion is a story about a girl named Tanya whose Grandma teaches her things about life.  The story starts in Tanya's family's kitchen.  While they were eating, Grandma said something uncalled for.  " I would like to go to the farm early before the Family Reunion."  Tanya's Mom was not so sure that this was a good idea because just a little while ago Grandma was very ill.  Grandma sees her fear so she says, "If it makes you feel any better I'll take Tanya ahead with me to make sure that I'm okay.  Tanya looked excited and hopeful.  To her surprise, her parents let her go with Grandma.  On the trip to the farm, Tanya has lots of fun on the buses but she wanted to know what the farm looked like.  When they finally got to the farm Tanya looked at it closely.  She was very disappointed.  It wasn't anything like she imagined.  That night when Tanya laid her head on her pillow she wanted to go home.  Will Tanya's visit to the farm get any better?  Find out in the book Tanya's Reunion.
~Hope Katherine   

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Pocket For Courduroy Book Review

A Pocket For Corduroy is a book about a stuffed bear who is owned and loved by a little girl named Lisa.  When Lisa and her mother go to the laundromat to wash their clothes Lisa takes Corduroy with them.  When they get there Lisa wants to help her mother with the laundry so she sits Corduroy on a chair and tells him to wait there for her.  Corduroy was waiting for them to be done when he heard Lisa's mother tell Lisa to take everything out of her pockets.  "I wish I had a pocket." Corduroy thought to himself.  He slid off of his chair and went to look for one.  Will Lisa and her mom have to leave without him?  Find out in the book, A Pocket For Corduroy.
~Hope Katherine

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saint Patrick and the Peddler Book Review

Saint Patrick and the Peddler is a story about a peddler who is very poor and no one is buying anything from him so he is going hungry.  One night, Saint Patrick came to him in a dream and told him to go to Dublin which was very far away and told him to stand on the bridge and he would hear what he needed to hear.  "To Dublin!" He thought. "That is such a long ways away."  So he didn't go.  The next night he had the same dream.  Again he refused.  The next night it came again.  Would the peddler ever listen?  This is a good book for kids of all ages.  The pictures are very well drawn.  I really liked this book.
~Hope Katherine

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saint George and the dragon Book Review

Saint George and the Dragon is a story about a knight who comes with a princess named Una to help try to slay the dragon that is hurting Una's people. When George gets to the kingdom he is attacked by the dragon. After a big fight, George is badly wounded and can't get back up. Will he survive? I recommend this book for kids nine and up because the pictures are a little gruesome in some areas. This book is nicely written and has good pictures.
~Hope Katherine

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Patchwork Quilt Book Review

The Patchwork Quilt is a story about a girl named Tanya and her Grandma. Grandma was cutting out squares of fabric one day and Tanya asked her what she was doing. They worked on it together for a year and when it was done, Tanya found writing on the bottom of the quilt that said, "To Tanya from her Grandma." This is a very good story. I recommend this book for everyone. It has pretty pictures and it is well written. I hope you read this book!
~Hope Katherine

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Many Days to America? Book Review

How Many Days to America is a book about Africans who are going to be taken as slaves so they get on a boat in the middle of the night and escape from the mean men. when the boat's engine gives way, the women knot clothes together to make a sail. When they finally reach land three men jump off of the little boat and swim to shore. There are men on the land but they do not look happy to see the boat. The men bring the dark skinned men back to their little boat with food but say that the boat could not land here. Will they ever reach America? I recommend this book for kids ages seven and up because kids younger than seven may not understand what the story is about.
~Hope Katherine

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Train to Somewhere Book Review

Train to Somewhere is a book about fourteen orphans who get on a train with their teacher to see if anyone wants to adopt one or more of them. A girl named Marianne is hoping that her mother will be at one of the stops waiting for her. During the trip, Marianne and her friend Nora get separated. In the end, Marianne gets adopted by an older couple who she knows will love her. It didn't end the way I thought it would. I recommend this book for kids ages seven and up because the story is kind of sad.
~Hope Kate