Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chapter Eight of Little Women, Hope's Book Review

Little Women
In chapter eight of Little Women Jo and Meg are putting on their gloves to go somewhere that Amy doesn't know about. Amy asked where they were going and Jo told her to mind her own business and she can't go because she has a cold. Amy guessed that they were going somewhere with Laurie and that she wanted to go too. When Jo tells her that she can't go Amy says, "You'll be sorry for this Jo March!" When Jo comes back Amy looks as tame as a dove so Jo doesn't worry. But when everyone else is going to bed and Jo was going to write more of her story, she couldn't find her manuscript. Instantly, she thought about what Amy had said that afternoon. She ran into Amy's room and jumped on the bed where Amy was. "Where is my manuscript?!!" she asked Amy. Jo looked into the fire and saw papers in the fire. She screamed and yelled at Amy. Would Jo ever forgive Amy?

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