Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chap. 2 of The Wind in the Willows

One fine day, Mole was sitting by the river, wondering about what kind of a person Toad was. At the same time, Water Rat was humming a song about ducks that he had just made up, and he was very absorbed in doing so. So when Mole asked him a question, he didn't answer until Mole had called his name more than once. When Mole finally got through to Rat, he asked if he would take him to see Toad. So they went to Toad's house. When they got to Toad's house, they saw a sign that read: "Private. No landing allowed." When they got to the sign Rat said, "Here is where we will park our boat." When they got out of the boat, they looked for Toad. They found him in a chair thinking about something. They had arrived just in time to see his new thing which happened to be a canary-colored caravan. You see, whenever visitors came to Toad's house he would always like something different than before. This time it was a caravan. It just so happened that Toad wanted them to go along on a trip he was taking. So with much persuading, Rat and Mole went along in his caravan.

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