Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chapter Nine of Little Women, Narraration by Hope

In Chapter Nine of Little Women Jo is still mad at Amy for burning her book. One day, Jo and Laurie were going to skate on the pond together to have fun and make Jo forget about her book. Amy wanted to get right with Jo so she asked Meg what she should do to win Jo's respect again. Meg told her to get her skates and run after them and skate with them. She told Amy that when she got on the ice to do something kind for Jo and Amy would win her respect again. So Amy ran after her them with her skates and yelled for them to wait for her. But Jo ignored her. Amy was so far behind that she didn't hear Laurie warn Jo that the ice in the middle of the pond was not thick enough to skate on and was very dangerous. So when Amy started skating, the ice broke and Amy fell in. Will Amy live? And will Jo be able to live with her conscience?

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