Thursday, March 17, 2011

By the Shores of Silver Lake, chapter two narraration

Chapter two of By the Shores of Silver Lake is about how Laura helps her Pa load the wagon so he could go west with Aunt Docia to get a new job. Laura tries to get Jack their old Bulldog to go with Pa because he could not come with them on the train, but Jack was too old to make such a long journey. Laura did not want to leave him. When scarlet fever went around, Jack could not help them. Now Laura realized that she had neglected him. Before the family had gotten sick, Laura had made sure that Jack's bed was aired and comfortable, but she had not done that in a long time. That night she made sure that his bed was comfortable. He was pleased that she had remembered. The next morning when Pa called Jack, he did not come because he was stiff in his bed. They buried him by the Indian hunting grounds where he used to chase rabbits. It was that day that Laura decided to be grown up. With pa and Jack gone, Laura needed to help Ma and Carrie to go west again.
~Hope Kate

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