Tuesday, March 15, 2011

By the Shores of Silver Lake, narraration

Chapter one of By the Shores of Silver Lake is about how Scarlet Fever was going around and Ma, Mary, Carrie, and Baby Grace all got it. When it left them, Mary's sight was getting dimmer and dimmer every day. Now she is completely blind. One day Laura was looking out the window while holding Grace, when she saw a wagon approaching. She called ma and told her that there was a lady in the wagon dressed very neatly. When the wagon stopped at their door, they went out to see who it was. It just happened to be their Aunt Docia. She told Pa that her husband needed help with his job and would pay him to help. Pa considered the question. Will they move? Find out in Laura Ingalls Wilder's fifth book in the Little House series, By the Shores of Silver Lake.
~Hope Kate

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